Optimize your processes with efficiency and agility

Creatio is an enterprise software platform that provides comprehensive BPM solutions to streamline business processes.  Manage instances and facilitate collaborative no-code development. 

What is Creatio BPM?

Creatio BPM is a set of tools and functionalities within the Creatio platform that allows organizations to model, automate, execute, and optimize their processes.
Benefit from a library of predefined views, widgets, and templates to accelerate the design process with complete freedom. Additionally, you can Connect your business by configuring the integrations that require SOAP and REST services in minutes and take advantage of ready-to-use connectors.

Foundations of this BPM

Take advantage of the robust process designer that uses the BPMN 2.0 standard, allowing both business and IT to easily understand and work with process models.

Visual Process Design

Set up flowcharts that represent stages, decisions, tasks, and other key metrics.

Workflow Automation

Establish rules and conditions for the automatic execution of tasks, assignment of responsibilities, and much more.


Manage any complex cases that require multiple interactions and collaborations.

Real-Time Monitoring

Real-Time metrics, key performance indicators (KPIs), and charts that give you a complete view of the processes.


Demand Acceleration Marketing Platform

Optimize communication across all channels to drive lead generation and customer retention.

By building a 360° view of your customers, you can gather data from all touchpoints to develop a holistic understanding of their preferences and needs. Use this comprehensive view to create more targeted communications for them.

You can also create target segments in seconds. Use no-code tools to create segmented audiences based on various sociodemographic and behavioral data.

Design without Code

Design an interface with widgets, predefined templates, and much more. You can also optimize your decision-making and increase your efficiency by using powerful AI/ML models


Marketplace applications

Creatio offers ready-to-use applications, connectors, and templates at your fingertips. These applications integrate with each other and with other business systems, enabling comprehensive and unified management of business processes. The platform also provides analytics and reporting capabilities that allow you to gain deep insights into your operations and make informed decisions.


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