Creatio: a no-code workflows & CRM platform 

Automating workflows and having a no-code CRM is easier when everything is centralized onto one platform


Creatio Platform No-Code

Allows automating workflows and creating applications with utmost freedom. Being a No-Code Low-Code tool, Creatio enables designing business applications through visual interfaces and configurations without the need to know how to program or code.

Users with no programming knowledge or software development experience can create functional and customized applications tailored to specific business needs.

The Creatio Low-Code platform offers a set of tools and components that cover most business needs:

• Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
• Business Process Management (BPM)
• Service Management

All these tools include interactive forms, automated workflows, business rules, integrations with external systems, and reporting capabilities.

Benefits that Creatio provides to Companies


The Total Cost Ownership (TCO) of low-code applications is 54% of businesses traditional development


Low-code allows for the creation of cloud-native business applications with 70% fewer resources needed


Low-code platforms can reduce development time by 90%

70% of users with non-coding experienced learned low-code in 1 month or less
Low-code platforms are 10 times faster than traditional software development
On average, companies have increased their value by $4.4 million by using low-code applications

Creatio CRM Features and Functionalities

Team Collaboration

Coordination between sales, marketing, and service teams with a potential client. Enables the ability to automate the process based on unified CRM Creatio workflows with a single-source database.

Campaign Efficiency

Create and manage multichannel marketing campaigns of various complexities. Evaluate effectiveness & make optimizations based off comprehensive CRM analysis.

Increase Win Rates

Analyze and comprehensively track your sales channels by stages, top representatives, win/loss rates, revenue and much more.

Improve Customer Experience

Accelerate response times and help personalize customer communications across all channels. Increase your CSAT, NPS, and CES scores almost immediately.

Cross-Selling and Upselling Rates

Access comprehensive customer data on purchasing behavior, preferences, and needs. Identify the most relevant products and services that could lead to cross-selling and additional sales.

Customer-Centric Organization

Continuously optimize your CRM workflows, create new no-code applications, and use AI/ML to predict the best customer strategies based on their behaviors.

Get to Know the Creatio CRM Platform

This analytical CRM allows you to automate the customer journey from start to finish. It keeps your business information centralized in a complete dashboard with all relevant aspects. Enhance productivity and collaboration with a unified UI/UX, shared database, and multi-team data processing workflows across multiple workspaces in all CRM modules.

No-code platform to automate workflows and build applications with just a few clicks. Get a consolidated view of all applications, connectors, and templates.



Multichannel marketing platform to manage customer journeys and accelerate revenue generation. Optimize communication to drive lead generation and retention with a 360° profile.



Comprehensive platform to manage complete sales cycles. Sales process management and workflows of any complexity. Ability to automate all types of sales processes.



Creatio offers an Intelligent, full-cycle service management platform. It provides efficient solutions to meet customer needs and improve their experience.



Ready-to-use workflows specifically designed for 20 different industries to deliver operational excellence with the highest degree of freedom.



We provide a universe of ready-to-use applications, templates, and connectors to accelerate your businesses time-to-value with the highest degree of freedom.



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