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Creatio CRM: Functions and Features

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The Creatio platform allows businesses to accelerate processes of any complexity through complete sales cycle management. Businesses are increasingly prioritizing customer relationship management as having more data and relevant information about customers enables better decision-making in business strategy.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tools help companies improve customer experiences by providing more information, fostering collaboration among employees, and providing easy access for managing and visualizing data.

In the following blog post, we will mention and explain the main functions of Creatio CRM, its features, and key benefits for its use in businesses.

Creatio CRM

It is a low-code no-code development platform that allows companies to scale and adapt most of their processes with great ease and simplicity. Creatio CRM combines customer relationship management with business process management (BPM), improving the customer experience by optimizing internal business processes. This benefits the choice of a sales strategy that fits what the customer is looking for or needs.

The CRM software allows employees to have control over all tools to perform tasks as efficiently as possible. Additionally, all information is shared with the rest of the company, providing a complete view of interactions with customers. The data collected from customers in Creatio CRM comes from multiple channels, providing a 360° view of individual profiles.

Main Functions

The variety of tools and functions available in Creatio CRM make it the best solution for sales, marketing, services, and other areas to fully understand customers and deliver added value.

1. Low Code Platform

Any employee can program without the need for deep programming knowledge. It can be quickly configured, reducing working time, applications, and extensions according to business and customer preferences and needs. This saves time and costs by not having to train employees.

2. 360° Customer Profile

Complete view of each customer's profile with whom the company has had interaction or commercial relationship. Important data, objectives, commitment status, activities, connection with company accounts, and much more are collected to determine which strategy is ideal for the customer's characteristics.

3. Management of Potential Customers and Opportunities

Creatio CRM contains a variety of tools to automate and streamline workflows for converting different customers and prospects from initial contact to becoming a repeat customer. The tool allows adding, removing, modifying all available data, generating demand, and marketing actions until conversion is achieved.

4. Internal Business Collaboration

It has a panel for customer communication with employees to have a direct means of communication through various channels. A collaborative calendar helps plan work, tasks, and meetings among employees. It also allows managing email and call inboxes in the same environment that automatically updates customer information after interactions.

5. Campaign Management

Contains a variety of tools to execute, create, analyze, and optimize multichannel marketing campaigns. With Creatio CRM software, employees can segment the audience, design new automated campaigns that allow contact with potential or existing customers.

6. Analytics

Daily and constant recording of all operations, as well as the overall performance of the company and each of its employees. Visualization panels can be adapted and filtered to display a series of metrics relevant to a particular customer or business.

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The Creatio CRM platform has several features that make it stand out compared to competitors in the enterprise management market:

- Customization: Creatio CRM is highly customizable to any type or size of company. It allows adapting the platform to the specific needs of the customers being worked with, as well as creating custom workflows. This platform is ideal for allowing complete freedom to employees and businesses to customize information, applications, and more to fit their needs.

- Integration: Easily integrates with other business tools and applications such as accounting systems, emails, marketing systems, and more. This allows easy synchronization of data from various tools into a single platform and increases collaboration among employees by having customer data and information in one place.

- Mobility: With the Creatio CRM mobile application, customer and sales information can be accessed from anywhere, anytime. This is essential for an increasingly mobile and independent world.

- Security: Data security is an increasingly important priority as there is confidential, private, business information stored within the platform. Creatio CRM offers advanced security and compliance features to protect all available or dumped information within the platform.


In summary, Creatio CRM is a powerful tool that can drive customer relationship management in your company. With its advanced features and functions, it is a solid choice for those looking to improve efficiency, productivity, and customer satisfaction. Additionally, an important point is internal employee collaboration so that teams and areas work together and can decide which strategy suits what customers require.

If you are looking for a CRM solution, Creatio CRM is definitely one of the easiest, safest, and most experienced options in the enterprise management market.

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